Friday, January 7, 2011

Wistfully Watching Winter - "Haiku, Can You?" Pt. Two

"The fog comes on little cat feet.  It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches, and then moves on." (Carl Sandburg)

Ahhh! (sigh of contentment!)...Here I sit, enjoying a special "bonus":  a Friday afternoon, home early from work. I spent the mornings in a meeting, sharing with some other teachers all the tools and "tricks" I have learned over the years in teaching Economics.  The compliment that I most appreciated at the end of the meeting? "Wow!  I didn't know Economics could be so fun!  I can't wait to teach it!" ... Mission accomplished!

My reward was a chance to come home a little early, and to enjoy some simple things I rarely get to do on an afternoon in January:  enjoy a late lunch "date" with my wife at work; take Izzy, our faithful Chihuahua sentry, on a walk while it was still daylight (she acts like she's "in charge" of the whole neighborhood - a pint-size Presidente!); and now, a cup of coffee, while I let a winter day slowly settle around me instead of slogging exhaustedly through it.

And I thought I'd write a couple of new haiku;  I haven't done that for a few months, and it's good to try to write short things every now then. (I can see I need more practice at this - It took me 190 words just to get to that point!)  So, with further adieu, some haiku...

Winter in the Rogue Valley
January gray,
Fog muffles and shrouds the hills
A cold winter shawl

A January Dream
Any winter day,
Kids (and teachers) share a dream;
"Snow day! Whee! Snow day!"

Only in Oregon - 2011
Can Ducks beat Tigers?
Fans in green, gold flock and boast
The world's gone "quackers"!

So, there's a few new haiku...for view...maybe you'll pursue...this poetic path too...Adieu! (I can hear you saying "Pee-You!  When will this rhyming be through?)... Just this last haiku, courtesy of Izzy!

Izzy's Haiku
I am your best friend,
Now, always, and especially
When you are eating!

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