Sunday, February 19, 2012

One Is Greater Than Two

I wrote this poem on Valentine's Day this year for my wife.  I'm a "hopeless romantic" - will probably always "spoil" her on this day...but this was the gift I was most sincere about.


Two people,
Two lives,
Two hearts,
Two souls,

Living our separate lives in separate places

You and Me

Quiet and Strong
Funny and Impulsive
Sensitive and Kind

The romantic and the realist
The worrier and the soother
The teacher and the flirt
The prankster and the poet

And then Life swept us together, swirled us around, and stirred in Love

And the mystery of God's math became true.

Bring together that which was Two

Two people
Two lives
Two hearts
Two souls

Mix in love for each other, and a love for what is True

And you get One

One love shared
One hope shared
One joy shared
One life shared

All that was in you, is in Me...and I in You.

One is greater than Two

I love you more each year, each month, each day than the one before.

Happy Valentine's Day are the love of my life.

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