Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nature's "Reality Show"...

"Some people walk in the rain; others just get wet." (Roger Miller)

It's evening; first day back to school done.  It was a good day; filled with new faces (mostly excited!) and lots and lots of energy. (The first enterprising "21st century Edison" that could figure out how to harness the concentrated energies of 1800+ teenagers, crammed into our 19 acre campus, could probably light several nearby homes - and make a million bucks!)... And it's this energy, that keeps me "young"...

I wanted to try to write something shorter tonight - just so I'll keep writing - even on "school nights"...don't just leave the exploring for those longer, quieter times that the summer was full of, but are now passed...

So, I sat quietly...and listened...and waited...and this is what came...

Raindrops walk across my roof
Sometimes lightly tip-toeing, giggling as they go.
Sometimes boldly bouncing, doing a jig.

Tickling my ears,
Splashing on my soul,
Coolly washing the day's cares away,

Tumbling from sky to branch, from branch to leaf,
A flip and a twist - from leaf to the ground,
A thousand evening gymnasts gently landing,
Making me smile, and my heart applauds.

But in order to enjoy this performance,

To hear the giggling and dance with the drops,
To be dazzled by the daredevil performance,
To let it wash over and refresh me,

One thing only is required
As my price of admission.

Be still.
And let it all fall into a quiet pond.

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