Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Love Sundays

"Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week." (Joseph Addison)

I love my Sundays, especially one like today.  Sundays are a day full of all kinds of pleasures:

-Sleeping in...rising slowly, stretching lanquidly as I leave the warm bed.
-Savoring a 2nd cup of coffee; drinking it just for the warm, comforting taste - and not because I need to get "revved up" to face a room of teenagers!
-Leafing through a big, fat Sunday newspaper...filled with ads I can nonchalantly discard, on my way to the colorful comics or the Travel section, with its alluring articles on faraway "wonderlands"...
-Spending the morning at Sunday class; having my heart lifted by the beautiful music from our choir, and my mind stretched by a new truth seen in Guy's talk.
-Sunday brunch!  I can't wait to come home and have eggs, bacon, name it...anything but the usual "sensible" weekday fare of granola, oatmeal, and eating "what's good for me".
-Slow, Sweet, Sunny Sunday afternoons...spent doing whatever I want.  Today I spent it working outside in the yards.  I began by feeding plants, trimming flowers, and mowing the lawn.  But then the "Macho Olympics" began:  Dragging out the leaf blower and making a "man-ly" racket, blowing stuff;  playing "lumberjack" (with my wife nervously watching!) and trimming some big branches off trees; visiting the local tool/garden store and buying some dirt and barkdust to spread around  What better way to enjoy a beautiful September afternoon!
And then best of all...quietly sitting on my back porch...and taking it all in...sharing the beauty, with my wife.  And talking, and laughing, and each singing songs to the only audience that would applaud us...
I enjoy Sundays so much, that I never want them to end.  I stay up way too late, like a little kid thinking that if I can just keep my eyes open forever, tomorrow will never come.  But Mondays always come knocking, like a stern English governess.  "All right, Mr. Jonathan - up you go!  Put your work clothes on.  Time to be sensible and quit dilly-dallying!  Tsk, tsk - did you do your homework?  We have serious, adult, working things to do!  No pouting allowed!"
I love my Sundays.  And I'm even learning to accept the "Sunday night governess" that nags me.  I can't enjoy another new weekend until this one ends.  Though I want to hold on greedily to each sweet Sunday moment, I sigh...and smile...and let the evening gently slip away...knowing that I will savor the next weekend's return even more, after wading through a week of work.  All new beginnings require first an ending, even good times and weekends.
So, ala Doc, Happy, and Bashful...but not Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, or Grumpy...
"Hi, Ho, Hi's off to work I go"...

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  1. Sundays for me mean singing, one of my "me" things, so I can appreciate your leisures except for the languid mornings; its off to sing early for the likes of you :-) MCK