Saturday, August 28, 2010

Take The Road Alone

"One travels more usefully alone, because he reflects more." (Thomas Jefferson)

I was so excited when I began this blog, and even more so after writing my first two entries.  I couldn't wait to share what I had done with family and friends, so I forwarded a link to it to all of my family and friends.  I just knew they would be happy about my fledgling attempts to write - to pursue a passion.  I was certain they would be at least interested in this "peek" into what was going on in my life.  I'm horrible at calling people - but my musings here - and their comments in reply - could be our little fireside chats; our chances to catch up.

And a few people warmly responded... "Keep it up", they said.  "We didn't know you were so thoughtful".  "I'm proud of you."... "You could write the Great American novel!" (not sure about that!)

But the silence from my family was deafening - especially since they usually complain that "You don't keep in touch".  And the one family member who did respond curtly said, "What's the point?  Seems like a lot of words to me."  Not what I had expected.  Not what I had hoped for.  It stung to have a ice-cold glass of indifference poured on my "eager as a puppy" heart.

But I realized a valuable lesson was being offered me - one that I could only learn through both the compliments from some, and the negativity from others.

If I was truly writing out of a genuine love of doing so, I would do so without the need to bask in the approval of some, or be shaken by the disapproval of others.

I would be willing to walk my own road alone.

I asked myself, "What is it that I love?"  Writing for the approval of others?  If I only did that, I'd be quickly disappointed; a meek slave to judges I could never satisfy.  I wouldn't fully explore the gifts and talents that God has given me.  And where is the love in that?

How badly did I want to try something new?  How much did I want to explore "my world" and learn something new?  The answer came clearly to me.

I wouldn't wait for others to tell me they liked the road I was on.  I wouldn't wait for companions to join me.

What I truly loved, what I wanted to give myself to, would return the Love to me - if I'd only take the first step towards it.  And in response, it would reward me in ways I could never imagine.

Learning that is a "pearl" worth keeping...

So, the journey continues..."On y va".... with a smile...


  1. As long as I'm in this world you won't be alone on that road!

  2. Try not to misconstrue silence for indifference or displeasure--for both can become excuses. Write for the sake of writing, and should you happen to connect then that will be your cherry for the day. Missed you at the draft, my friend. It wasn't the same without you, and your scotch, cigar and honor of history.

  3. So thrilled to read your "pearls", brother! You will write out of love, for the sake of sharing your observations, musings, dreams--and I will eagerly read every word...
    Congratulations on making the first step!

  4. Brother,
    Some of us are just slow, like me.
    And others, maybe a little techno-unsavvy.
    And believe me, none of us is particulary good at keeping in touch!
    But, I am certain that we all value your thoughts, and I bet you'll see more of us here!